La Gata Encantada

La Gata Encantada is the name of a pub in a novel by John Varley. It means 'the enchanted cat'. I like cats, so I stole the sign (it just needed some revarnishing and - Look! Good as new!). The door is open, to an amber glow and the sound of music and good fellowship. Come on in.


Pure as a virgin and cunning as a rabbit!

Monday, December 18, 2006

??? RETURNS!!!

Me: "O my stars and garters! My quick unpick! I've been looking for that for months!"

Michael: "Who'd have thought that for all this time it's been hiding in the top lid of your sewing box?"

Me: "But, but, splutter, months, splutter..."

Michael: *Hangs head* "I admit it. I kidnapped it and held it for ransom."


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