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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Because I Was on the Committee...

... when the ESOL Home Tutor Group (Palmerston North) held a party, I pretty much had to go, whether I felt chipper or not.*

Also because I was on the committee, I spent most of my time in the kitchen, a small, noisy, and crowded room, fielding floods of grubby plates that were mostly brought back by the consumers themselves, eying up trolleys and trays full of very yummy food**, knowing full well that it was about to be taken out to be picked over, and that by the time I got to it all the really nice stuff would be gone. Then the new lot of dishes needed to be taken care of, and the hall packed out of after the party was over.

And I still had more fun than I would have if I'd been in the main hall trying to talk to people. Thus and so is the Introvert.

Actually, we had great esprit de corps in the kitchen. It disturbs me how well I blend into the support staff of an event, instead of, you know, participatin gin the simple fun stuff, though.

But yeah, the punters had a good time, too - very cheerful people. Lots of kids.*** A good time was had by all and that.

* A mild case of tonsilitis. Or possibly just 'not sleeping well' the night before, and paying for it later.

** It was pot luck. One of the lucks was a plate of brandy snaps that had been decorated with fresh, pink roses. I can just see some little old lady filling the last snap with freshly whipped cream and then tottering out into her garden, snipping just the right flowers and bringing them back to garnish that dessert into a thing of great and poignant beauty. I think that plate of brandy snaps will stay with me until I die (but not on my hips).

*** One of them, a little Congolese girl with her hair in cornrows was helpfully running off into the crowd and fetching back dirty plates for us. Nice kid. She'll probably end up in a kitchen somewhere...


Anonymous Starfire said...

And I still had more fun than I would have if I'd been in the main hall trying to talk to people.

Oh I *so* know how that goes. The work Connect conference is still way too vivid in my mind - I totally identify, and if I'd had anywhere I could have hid out in at the dinner for it (aside from, y'know, the ladies' toilets, which I did for a good ten minutes before my conscience overcame my panic), believe me I would have.

This is something, I think, that folks like Styley Coworker will never understand... but at least I have the somewhat mean pleasure of knowing I'm not the only one!



7:07 am  
Blogger Repton said...

..thus proving, once and for all, that you should not eat the garnish :-)

[although I've never tried rose..]

10:17 am  
Blogger theamazingcatherine said...

Flower petals are sometimes mixed into salads. Nasturtiums, anyway, which taste peppery.

1:05 pm  
Anonymous Michael said...

And still Catherine did better than I did. I walked her to the venue (just a few blocks away), saw the crowd, and bolted for home having never advanced more than a metre inside the door.

1:55 pm  

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